Meet Christine Kraus Lohmann

As a surrealistic painter, I try to entice the viewer to experience a sensation of “falling” within the piece. It is important to convey the emotions I feel while painting, but it is also my goal to have the viewer find a connection between themselves and the piece. Along with using a variety of materials, I love the notion of using repurposed or reclaimed items in my work if possible. This earth friendly way of creating art helps me define what it means to be an artist.


  • "I truly enjoyed my Turnabout class! Christine is an excellent teacher! She is as hands-on or hands-off as you need her to be! I personally needed a lot of hands-on! I brought a whole container of my mother's jewelry that had been in there since she passed away in 1970. Christine helped me turn it into 2 beautiful pieces of art that my daughter and I hung on our walls! Now I have something to look at every day and think of my mom! I would highly recommend this class to everyone!"
    Pam Shucart
  • "I have 6 paintings two of which are portraits that Christine has painted.  The two portraits are of my daughters that I will cherish forever.  They are absolutely beautiful and everyone who comes to my home comments how well the likeness is to my daughters.  One of the other paintings is in my entryway that stands alone by itself and gives my foyer a very bold statement (beautiful cloth held by hands that is very lifelike).I can't say enough about Christine.  She is a wonderful person with an unbelievable talent.  I recommend her to all my friends.  I will soon be having a family portrait done as a gift to my mother.
    Jenny Henry
  • Thank you Christine for your creative way you put my Moms bee pins into my painting. You`ve taken the colors in my home and made a memorial to Mom for me that I will enjoy for many years to come.
    Laura Shocklee
    Laura Shocklee
  • This unique wall hanging will be passed on to my children.  Using the broken bracelet my mother cherished, then to make into an heirloom, is an idea I never would have thought of. Thank you for bringing your imagination and your knowledge to people who yearn for new ways to save special  memories.
    Ann Morrison
  • I have known Christine for over 10 years. She is such a wonderful talented person. I just love her artwork. I have multiple pieces in my home and I enjoy them so much because each one is so unique, it brings me joy every time I look at it.
    Beth Viviano


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