When I am asked where do your ideas come from my anwer is simple, I just create what I love. There are a myraid of images and materials out in the world that “speaks” to me. I take the pretty things in nature, such as pearls, butterflies, flowers, leaves to wonderfully gnarled trees and use them as subject matter in my paintings. From there I begin to choose between letting the painting stand alone or adding a combination of materials such as decorative paper, fiber, ribbon, wood panels, mirrors, and jewelry, both modern and vintage. The finished piece has a whimsical, surrealistic, dreamy feel.

Along with painting, jewelry has always captivated me, it is an adornment meant to be worn, but I wanted to incorporate all of that wonderful glitz and glimmer into my paintings. Sometimes the painting will guide me whether to use embellishments or if the painting should stand on it`s own. I embellish my work whenever I feel that little “tickle” as I call it and bring all the things I love together then stand back to examine if I have conveyed what is in my head and heart .

I have been a creative person from day one. My parents noticed my love of art at the age of eight and enrolled me in drawing and painting classes which ultimately resulted in my degree from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1994. Since then it has been a continuous journey every artist can relate to. I have learned much through the years and have explored all aspects of creativity, including fine crafts using repurposed materials such as cabinet doors, old chess sets, and re-invent ”thrown away” art from resale shops.

The creative drive in me has led me to pursue many avenues; including portraiture, fine art, fine crafts to re-inventing old furniture into colorful and artistic functional pieces.

The idea of an artist being locked into a certain style or genre has never been attractive to me. Experimenting with materials along with a desire to transform the subject matter will always be exciting and thrilling for me.